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This woman might look like she’s having fun, but every bone in her body aches, and her feet are killing her. Why? Because she spent two days running circles in the Mexico City Airport. She missed her connecting flight to Mazatlan due to waiting in line for 1 1/2 hours to get approved for a 180 stay.

Then she had to take her dog and cat to a special window to prove that they had been certified by a vet before bringing them into the country. You’d think that would be fast and easy. No, the lady looked at the papers and got on the computer, checking to see if they were on the FBI’s most-wanted list. …

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Kids love to hear about the good old days when their grandparents were children. I’ve decided to write down many of my stories and publish them on Medium. That way, they’ll be preserved in cyberspace for eternity. Maybe future descendants will read them.

The following is one of my better ones. I swear it’s true. Yes, I have a B.A. degree in creative writing, but this is true. You can’t make stuff up like this. I was 11 years old, and my brother, Kenneth, six and living in Fresno, CA. …

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I’m moving to Mexico in the next week. I’ve been planning this for three years. The reactions that I’ve gotten from people are interesting:

Sister-in-Law: You shouldn’t be doing this at your age. You’ve never lived in another country.

Me: I’m not dead yet. There’s a first time for everything.

Youngest son: You’re putting your family in jeopardy. The cartel will kidnap you and hold you for ransom. After we pay it, they’ll kill you anyway.

Me: Don’t pay it. (Aside) You know you are loved when your children are willing to pay ransom to get you back.

Friend: Be careful. …

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Pet peeves are those annoying things that you see or hear over and over again. Although they might be insignificant considering the state of world affairs in 2021, they drive me crazy anyway. Let me know if you see any of your pet peeves in this listicle. Maybe you have some of your own you’d like to add in the comments.

  • Photos on Medium that take up an entire page. When the article is stuffed with them to keep you on the page longer, I immediately bounce off those pages.
  • The word “plethora.” People think they’ve expanded their vocabulary by using it. …

Think before you spend

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Overspending and wasting money is easier than earning it. We can do it without thinking. Many of us do spend without thinking. Using a credit card almost feels like free money to me until I get the bill. Like most Americans, I’ve been in and out of debt more than once. Why do we do it? We live in the land of plenty; advertisers tell us we deserve their wares; banks ensnare us with credit card offers in the mail every day, and we see all the toys our friends and neighbors have, and we want them, too. …

Many people believe in ghosts

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Tell the truth, do you believe in ghosts? By ghosts, I mean those dead spirits that hang around here on earth in their ethereal form to harass and scare people. I keep telling a friend that after I die, I want to stick around as a ghost so I can see what’s happening in the future. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, I bet you like a good ghost story. I’m going to tell you about a real ghost story. You can choose to believe it or not. It’s your choice.

When I was a teenager, my Aunt Naomi bought an old two-story clapboard house in Louisville, Kentucky. During that summer, right after she and my grandparents moved in, we went to visit as usual. …

One that makes them pee their pants

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When I buy greeting cards for special occasions, I usually search for funny ones, although that depends on the person I’m sending it to. There are friends and family that have no sense of humor. They usually get something flowery from me.

A couple of years ago, I found a funny Christmas card in a grocery store. I opened it and stood in the aisle of the store, laughing out loud. Right away, I knew it was for my friend, Linda, who has a great sense of humor.

Linda called me the day she received it. She said she picked up the mail in the mailbox as she went to her car to go shopping. Before starting the engine, she decided to read the mail. She opened my card, read the front of it, read what was inside, and laughed so hard that she peed her pants. She had to go back in the house to change. …

Stop Lying to yourself. You’re not healthy.

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I chose to be 35 pounds overweight for 15 years. I say chose because not once in my life have I ever accidentally eaten anything. — Zig Ziglar

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend recently. I don’t know what to call it; maybe fat is beautiful, love yourself just the way you are, or obese people have feelings, too? I know that it’s an attempt to block out thin female images in magazines and other media that young girls want to emulate. For the last several years, girls and young women have binged and purged or starved themselves, hoping to look like supermodels. …

Save yourself a bundle

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Thrift stores are a great place to shop for everything from clothing, furniture, toys, collectibles, sports and exercise equipment, etc. I know of people who turn up their nose to the idea of shopping at the Salvation Army or Goodwill or any other thrift store. One of my friends, Cheryl, doesn’t like the way they smell. Her favorite place to shop is Nordstroms, which is very expensive. It never occurred to me to shop thrifty until I met my friend, Linda. She bought all of her clothes, other than underwear, at thrift stores.

I’ve known Linda for 42 years. She has always lived beneath her means. We first met when we were teaching together. The other teachers thought it was funny that she bought used clothing. She can afford new clothing on her salary. Why does she do it? Linda had the last laugh when the economy crashed in 2008. She had retired by then, and she lost money in some investments, but she was still sitting pretty since she had lived so frugally all her working life. …

The perfect bank robbery

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When I lived in Louisville, Kentucky, I would often take my laptop to the local McDonald’s to have breakfast or lunch and write. One day, as I sat writing, a group of policemen came in and started going around from table to table talking to people. One of them came to my table and asked me if I’d seen a woman wearing a black shirt eating lunch. I replied no, thinking that was strange.

The next day, I went to McDonald's again to eat and write. As I paid for my meal, I asked the cashier what the police were all about the day before. The girl told me that a woman robbed the bank next door, casually walked over to McDonald’s, ordered her meal and sat down to eat it. …



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