First, you have to know what trivia is and what it is not


In 1981, Trivial Pursuit, created by Canadians Chris Haney and Scott Abbott, stormed the game market. Since that time, people worldwide have gathered at parties, homes, restaurants, and online to play their version of the game.

According to Oxford Dictionary, trivia consists of details, considerations, or pieces of information of little importance or value.

As a child in school, trivia was about the only thing I could remember. When a teacher offered a bit of trivia, it stuck to my brain like a fly to flypaper. Why…

I deserve a gold medal for naive and stupid.

Graphic by Kyrnos

I’ve never been a party girl. It’s something that never appealed to me. It’s not in my genes. I tried smoking cigarettes when I was 12 years old. I got sick to my stomach, puked, and wondered why anyone would want to smoke. I didn’t go to Woodstock or hang out with the hippies at Haight Ashbury in San Francisco. I failed hippie 101.

After reaching 71 without experiencing the things that my generation considers fun, I accidentally, or sort of unknowingly, had my first experience with Cannabis. It happened like this:

I moved to Mexico about five months ago…

Photo by Author

That’s my car at the curb behind my bike. I left them both in California when I moved to Mexico. I miss the bike, but I’m not sure about the car. The car is now in front of my daughter’s house, and I’m still paying $80 a month for insurance on it. I love to drive, but for years I have wanted to go carless. That’s impossible in California. Good public transportation in that state doesn’t exist. The car manufacturers and oil companies see to that. They own the politicians.

The weather is always nice; especially in Southern California. Californians…

Sander Dewerte/Unsplash

There are cat people, and there are dog people. I’m a cat and dog person. I know of people who absolutely hate cats. My brother, a reformed cat hater, said that many men hate cats because you can’t control them. In all fairness, there are women cat haters, too. Here are some other reasons I’ve heard as to why people hate cats:

  • You can’t train them like you can a dog. Well, no, you can’t. They’re a cat, not a dog. That’s like saying I don’t like bananas because I can’t make a lemon pie out of them.
  • They’re dirty…


In my senior year of high school, my English literature teacher liked to shoot the breeze and play Frank Sinatra records between teaching lessons. Like everyone else, I enjoyed his class, even though he made us read The Great Gatsby, one of the most boring books I’ve had the displeasure to read. One day, I don’t know how he got on the topic; he made the statement that any woman who “let” a man beat her up “enjoyed it.”

As outrageous as that sounds today, keep in mind it was 1967, and we were emerging into the hardcore feminist movement…

And other rambling thoughts


When I moved to Mazatlan, I brought three suitcases. One for my clothes, one for my art supplies, and one for pet supplies. That was way too many for my comfort. I also had a briefcase type bag for my laptop and tablet and important papers. Oh, I forgot the two pet kennels for the cat and dog. Luckily a friend came with me to help lug all of this around.

From now on, I want to live out of one suitcase. Do people still say suitcase, or is bag the word in vogue now? …

Art by the Author

In my younger years, I jumped out of bed in the morning with a fully functional brain, not anymore. It seems that it takes longer and longer for the motor to warm up and kick in. That’s partly why I haven’t written anything in a while. So, this morning I’m going to write some rambling trivia. I love trivia, and it’s better than writing nothing.

I’m working on a piece about why women stay in abusive marriages. As I wrote last night, my blood pressure started shooting up. I decided to put it aside and maybe come back to it…

and a lizard, too

Graphic by flutie8211/Pixabay

Mama was a scaredy-cat when it came to just about everything, including mice, birds, and lizards. Interestingly, she grew up on what I called a farm. Mama insisted it wasn’t a farm, but I knew a farm when I saw one. My grandparents raised all of their food. They had a cow, hogs, chickens, rabbits, a goat, ducks, a huge garden, and a five-seater outhouse.

How grandma raised three scaredy-cat-daughters, I’ll never know. Mama always said that grandma wasn’t afraid of anything. I remember watching grandma wring a chicken's neck and serve it up for dinner.

I didn’t really get rid of my car. It’s sitting in front of my daughter’s house in California. That’s it in the photo along with my three-wheel bike. That bike is something I swore I would never buy due to the stigma of it being for old people. It’s one thing to get old and another to admit you’re old, but it’s fun to ride. You can tell I like red.

Living without a car is something I’d thought about for several years, but it was impossible in California. I’ve always been ecologically conscious. I feel guilty throwing a plastic…


A free spirit, visual artist, writer, animal lover, introvert and independent woman.

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