A Genius Robs a Bank

The perfect bank robbery

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When I lived in Louisville, Kentucky, I would often take my laptop to the local McDonald’s to have breakfast or lunch and write. One day, as I sat writing, a group of policemen came in and started going around from table to table talking to people. One of them came to my table and asked me if I’d seen a woman wearing a black shirt eating lunch. I replied no, thinking that was strange.

The next day, I went to McDonald's again to eat and write. As I paid for my meal, I asked the cashier what the police were all about the day before. The girl told me that a woman robbed the bank next door, casually walked over to McDonald’s, ordered her meal, and sat down to eat it. After she finished, she went outside and got into the get-a-way car that drove away slowly.

That’s what I call the perfect bank robbery. I have no idea if they ever caught her.

A free spirit, visual artist, writer, animal lover, introvert and independent woman.

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