I Caused the Corona Virus; Please Forgive Me

I think I singlehandedly dug up the Corona Virus.

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I’m weird. I admit it, but I didn’t expect this to happen! I didn’t want this to happen! Let me explain: For the last 10 years, I’ve had this obsession with the black death, also called the Bubonic Plague. I don’t know what brought this on; maybe it was all those cemeteries I toured. Yes, I like to meander through old cemeteries and read the headstones. It started when I was 10 years old. My girlfriend and I would visit a nearby Catholic cemetery and pray for the people in the graves.

You’ve probably heard about the black death by now because of all the fuss about the Corona Virus, but just in case you haven’t, let me explain. From 1346 to 1356, the Bubonic Plague killed around 200,000,000 people worldwide. Rat fleas carried the bacteria to people, and then it was transmitted from person to person. I’ll leave it at that. You can research it if you’d like. I want to share my obsession.

I have an obsession with The black death. I love to watch movies, documentaries and read books about the disease. I don’t know why I find it so fascinating to the point of obsession, or at least I did until this happened.

I called my friend, Linda, and told her; I think I caused the Corona Virus. By obsessing about The Bubonic Plague, I conjured up some evil spirit living deep within the earth’s core.

Linda pointed out that her obsession is the Titanic, and she hasn’t caused any shipwrecks. True. I’ve known Linda for 42 years. Since that time, she has been obsessed with the Titanic. Like myself, she reads everything she can about the Titanic. She watches all the movies and documentaries on the subject. Several years ago, she dragged me down to the port of Long Beach, California, where artifacts from the Titanic were on display in the Queen Mary.

As I said in the beginning, I’m weird. It just seems weird that someone would latch onto a topic and not let it go. Perhaps it’s a form of OCD. I don’t know, but I do know that other people do the same. I shared my obsession with Facebook one time. A friend said that her obsession was serial killers. Let’s not even go there.

I talk to my friend, Linda, almost every night. Last night I again brought up my concern with causing the Corona Virus. She said she didn’t think I was that powerful. But, maybe it was a premonition; you are psychic, she added. Whew! I don’t feel so bad now.

A free spirit, visual artist, writer, animal lover, introvert and independent woman.

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