Do Women Like To Look At Naked Men

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Several years ago at work, a couple of other women and I got into a discussion about the naked male body. We unanimously voted that the naked male body did nothing to turn us on. We thought it boring, to say the least. We felt we were cheated.

Although, there was the photo of the naked Burt Reynolds in Cosmopolitan magazine back in the 1970s. If you don’t know who Burt Reynolds was, stop reading this. You’re too young. The problem with that photo was that he covered up his ding-dong. But we all loved the handsome Burt Reynolds anyway, so seeing his ding-dong probably wouldn’t make a difference. That magazine sold millions.

The raging feminists of the time felt that this wasn’t equality. If men get turned on by naked women, then by God, we would get turned on by naked men, and the movement gave birth to Playgirl, a magazine founded in 1973 featuring naked men. The print magazine went online in 2009 and died in 2016. During its lifetime, it reached 3,000 subscriptions of mostly gay men. Does that tell you something, guys?

If you don’t believe what I’m saying is true, answer these questions. There is a bunch of bikini thonged girls at the beach. A man in a trench coat approaches them. When he’s a few feet away, he flashes them and runs off. What do the girls do?

  • Yell for him to come back and do that again
  • Scream eewww! Then call the police.

Now, there are a bunch of beer-swigging guys on the beach. A girl in a trench coat approaches them. When she’s a few feet away, she flashes them and runs off. What do the guys do?

  • Yell, we’re going to tell your mother what you’re doing!
  • Yell, come back here and play with us!

I bet all the men passed that test.

All of you men are probably thinking, well, no wonder I get it only once a year. My body doesn’t turn her on!

Don’t worry, guys, there’s hope. I’ll tell you how to turn her on:

  • Buy her a box of See’s Chocolates.
  • Buy her flowers
  • Buy her a romantic paperback.
  • Massage her feet
  • Watch a marathon of those sappy Hallmark romance movies with her.

Do all of the above, repeat when you get horny again, and your troubles will be over.

A free spirit, visual artist, writer, animal lover, introvert and independent woman.

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