Do You Really Want to Know Trump’s Appeal

You might not like what I have to say

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Let’s face it, if you’re liberal, you live in your own world, and if you’re conservative, you live in your own world. Neither side has any desire to understand the other side. Both sides think they own the truth. Each side knows the right way to run the world. The world is not that black and white, and that’s not about race.

Since the recent election, people have been asking how half the country could vote for Trump. I’m going to tell you how.

Take a step back to the Obama administration

The divide in this country did not start with Trump. The divide started with Obama. I must add that I voted for Obama twice. I had always belonged to the Democratic Party. That is until the progressives entered the scene, and the party meta-morphed into something unrecognizable. That’s when I switched to Independent. That’s when a lot of people switched.

What I’m going to say here comes from my observation and from what conservatives have told me. You might not like it, but I’m just the messenger.

Liberals complain that Trump has emboldened the far-right white racists in the country.

Conservatives had the same complaint about the progressives during Obama’s administration. That was when their values and traditions were rejected. Take a look at these examples:

  • Target announces that they are no longer going to play Christmas music because not everyone is Christian.
  • Target is not going to have the Salvation Army bell ringer on its premises.
  • Starbucks announces it’s not going to print Santa Claus and Christmas trees on its cups because not everyone is Christian.
  • It’s no longer PC to say Merry Christmas. Retail establishments instruct their employees to say Happy Holidays.
  • Everyone is now expected to accept gay marriage, even though being gay goes against Christian values and other religions' values.
  • The ten commandments are removed from public buildings.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, these points are all related to Christianity.

More concerns for conservatives

  • Most people probably didn’t understand what transgender meant, but men were expected to accept people with female genitalia into their public restrooms.
  • Women were expected to accept people with male genitalia into their public restrooms.

In San Diego, CA, a student tells his mother that he went to the computer lab to do some work, but he couldn’t go in because Muslim students were in there praying. All hell breaks loose at the next district board meeting.

I decided to write this article because people on Facebook asked how half the country could vote for Trump? Like it or not, there’s your answer. Humans do not like change, and they don’t like their culture and religion being attacked and being told that it’s wrong, and now you have to accept our values and play by a new set of rules.

For a long time, the United States was a homogeneous country. Most citizens were white and Christian. We are now made up of many different tribes and are expected to get along with these other tribes. Take a look at history. Have humans ever been able to get along with those who are not like them? It only works when we as individuals make a concerted effort to do so.

The U.S. is now divided, and I personally don’t think we can ever come together again. We are all too different. Our values are different. Our religion is different.

You might not like the Trump tribe; you might think they’re racist; you might think they’re stupid. They’re here to stay whether you like it or not, just like you’re here to stay. The question is, how are we all going to get along?

The answer to how half the country could vote for Trump: He validated them as patriotic American citizens. He listened to their concerns. He is a member of their tribe.


A free spirit, visual artist, writer, animal lover, introvert and independent woman.

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