California, You’ve Lost Your Mind

What on Earth are you thinking

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You used to be the golden state. People from all over the world wanted to visit you. Americans from other states did, too. Maybe they still do, but you’re not the California they’re expecting. You’re not the California that I was born and raised in. You’ve lost your mind.

California of Yesteryear

Golden State, your attractions are many:

  • Yosemite
  • Hollywood
  • Los Angles
  • The beach
  • Lakes
  • San Francisco
  • The Goldengate Bridge
  • Disneyland
  • Universal Studios
  • The mountains
  • skiing
  • Desert
  • Sunshine
  • Best restaurants

California, you have many positive things going for you; too many to list, but you’re destroying yourself. People are leaving in droves because they don’t recognize you anymore.

California Exodus

Here are some of the reasons people are running away:

  • Homeless people pooping on the sidewalks
  • Extreme liberalism
  • Governor Newsom
  • Homelessness
  • Sanctuary State
  • High taxes
  • Unaffordable housing
  • Crime
  • Poor schools
  • Drugs
  • Highest rents in the nation

Liberalism Gone Awry

California, you're really not aligned with the Democratic Party anymore. You call yourself progressive and appear to have lost all common sense. In San Francisco, the homeless defecate on the sidewalks, and the streets are lined with hypodermic needles. School children must walk gingerly, so they don’t step on them. San Francisco is losing millions of dollars because big corporations no longer want to hold their conventions in such filth. Progressives, where did you hide the Democrats?

Governor Newsom

You’ve done a good job with the Corona Virus; I’ll give you that, but you’ve made this a sanctuary state. I’m all for immigration, but legal immigration. Californians were already paying some of the highest taxes in the country. We pay for the largest homeless population in the country. You know that other states give their homeless free bus tickets to California. We’re carrying more than our fair share.


California, why are you taxing Social Security? Most states in this country do not. Social Security recipients are on a fixed income. I’m disappointed in you, California.

Business Unfriendly

Calfornia, stop chasing large corporations and small businesses out of the state with high taxes. We need their jobs. Other states are only too happy to welcome them and their jobs. Governors of those states must be laughing their heads off at your stupidity.

Back To You, Governor Newsom

Governor, now you’ve really gone too far. You say now that when someone goes to prison, they can identify as a female, even though their equipment says they’re male, and you’ll send them to the women’s prison. If they identify as male even though they’ve got female plumbing, you’ll send them to the male prison. What could go wrong?

California Nudity

California, I’m not going to mention how it was legal to go nude in public in San Francisco until 2012 when an ordinance was passed banning it except at parades.

A relative said that her cousin flew in from Brazil and took a bus into the city. When she got off the bus, the first thing she saw was a naked man carrying a briefcase.

California, I’m embarrassed for you. I’m embarrassed for myself. I’m seriously thinking of taking one of those stagecoaches out of this place.

A free spirit, visual artist, writer, animal lover, introvert and independent woman.

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