Help! I’m Trapped In My Head And Can’t Get Out

But, I really don’t want to get out


I’ve tried meditating, but it’s too much work. I like thinking, that’s easy to do. It comes naturally. My daughter says I think too much, and she hates the way I need to analyze everything. My mother says I have too much on my mind. They’re both right, but I have no desire to change it.

Early Thinker

When I was four or five years old, I asked my father if the earth would ever run out of water. He told me no. That’s some deep thinking for a small child. My concerns for the planet started at an early age.

At seven years old, I asked Daddy if bread would ever cost a dollar a loaf. He said yes and told me about inflation. In the 1950’s it probably cost about 25 cents a loaf. The days of bread at a dollar a loaf are long gone, now.

Always a Thinker

My thinking annoys my daughter, but that’s okay; she annoys me. She complained once that I’m always analyzing everything. She said that sometimes things happen for no reason. I disagree; things always happen for a reason.

My son-in-law is from Thailand. One time, I dropped by to see the grandkids and found everyone watching a video of elephants playing a soccer game. I wondered if the elephants liked playing soccer and asked if they are treated humanely in Thailand. My daughter jumped all over me, saying I think about such heavy topics. It’s true; I love to think about heavy things.

Deep Thinking

My brother Kenneth believes in science. I punched holes in the Big Bang Theory. I asked him this: If gases set off the big bang, thereby creating the universe, where did the gases come from? From nothing? How can you get something from nothing? He told me I was going to make myself crazy thinking like that. I think he’s right.

I like the story that God created the heavens and the earth better. I mean, is it really anymore outrageous than the Big Bang Theory? But if I’m going to believe that, then I have to think about where God came from. Did he come from nothing? How do you get something from nothing? I’m back where I started.

Thinking with friends

My best friend Linda and I are both deep thinkers. She’s the only other person that thinks as deeply as I do. We’ve been thinking about the meaning of life for 40 years now. We’re both pretty sure there is no meaning to life, but we keep thinking about it. Maybe we’ll come up with something better.

We talk on the phone about deep things every night for a couple of hours. Right before we hang up, one of us will say; give me a call back if you think of anything deep. Sometimes we do, and sometimes we don’t.

Thinking is hereditary

Recently, my daughter told me that my grandson has a brain like mine. She said he’s a thinker. He loves to read, like me. They annoy each other, also. He’s 16, and she can’t wait for him to go off to college. I love it!

Advantages of Thinking

There are many advantages to thinking. You learn about many topics when you think. Best of all, if you’re a writer, you think of things to write about, like this article on thinking.

A free spirit, visual artist, writer, animal lover, introvert and independent woman.

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