Here’s Why You Should Never Discuss Politics Online

Especially if you have a business

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I broke my cardinal rule this morning: Don’t discuss politics anywhere on the Internet!

I used to discuss politics a lot on Facebook. I’m one of the few people who can discuss politics and religion without spontaneously combusting and alienating friends and family. I take that back. I did alienate a lot of friends on Facebook who then unfriended and blocked me.

I would never cut off a friend or family member because their opinions differ from mine. I’ve discovered that most people would. I would never call them stupid or racist. That’s not the case with a lot of people.

I quit discussing politics about a year ago, maybe longer. I decided that it raised my blood pressure, and I don’t like conflict.

I quit watching the news and reading about it. The media lies and manipulates. People believe anything they say. They instigate because it sells their brand of news. I don’t care which side their political agenda is; it’s all lies and manipulation.

Breaking my cardinal rule

This morning, on medium, I read a political article. Then I had to open my big mouth and comment about it. I said something about this political figure that wasn’t very nice although it’s true, in my opinion. Some people didn’t like that, so they had to get nasty with me.

My advice to everyone on medium

Discussing politics is not good for business. Just like some people won’t like you because of your skin color, they’ll also not like you for your opinions. If you’re making money when someone reads your article, you don’t want to give anybody reason to not read it because of something you said about religion or politics.

I don’t know if the political articles on Medium make any money. I normally don’t read them because I get stressed and I’m tempted to shoot off my big mouth.

Take my advice or leave it. But let's all chill out and write.

A free spirit, visual artist, writer, animal lover, introvert and independent woman.

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