I’m Moving to Mexico

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I’ve never had a great desire to travel. I’m too much of a homebody, and I find traveling in the U.S. stressful. Sitting on a four or five-hour flight in cramped seats is agony for me. A 19-hour flight would kill me for sure.

The Decision

Moving to Mexico wasn’t even on my radar until I happened upon a YouTube video about a young couple living in Puerto Vallarta and making travel vlogs. I started following them and found some other vlogs about Mexico, and I follow those, too. I decided to move when I found out how cheaply I could live compared to California, my home state. That was three years ago. I’m waiting to get my passport, which I applied for a couple of weeks ago. I’ve done three years' worth of research about Mexico.

The Scare Mongers

Try telling friends and family that you’re moving to Mexico. You’ll hear a unanimous you’re going to get killed!

According to my youngest son, I’d be putting my family in jeopardy because I’d get kidnapped for ransom, and after the family paid it, I’d get killed anyway. I told him, in that case, don’t pay it. I must say it warmed my heart to think that my children would pay money to get me back.

A woman in my previous apartment building who I had become friends with kept telling me to be careful. I’ve been careful all my life. That’s why I’m still alive.

She really annoyed me, because she and her husband had lived in Mexico and almost bought a house there on the beach. Every time I brought up Mexico, she’d say something negative like, It’s not going to be what you think.

How did she know what I thought? The only thing I think is that I can get a cheaper apartment. Instead of paying $2,000 a month for a crappy apartment in California, I can pay $600 for a really nice apartment in Mexico.

You’ve never lived there, she said. I told her there’s a first time for everything. Didn’t she have a first time living there?

Her reply to that: I have money. Those people don’t even want to look at you unless you have money.

We’re talking about a third-world country. I think she had been drinking.

My sister-in-law has advised me on two occasions not to go at my age because I’ve never traveled. I’m 71 and healthy. I can walk, ride a bike, and I can even row. I keep telling her I can come back if I don’t like it. What has my age got to do with it, anyway? I know people older than me who have moved to Mexico.

Crime in Mexico

Yes, there is crime in Mexico. Listen to your local news in the U.S., and you’ll find that there’s crime in your own backyard.

Yes, Mexico’s government is corrupt. You’re naive if you think the American government isn’t corrupt.

Yes, the Cartel is running rampant in Mexico. We call them gangs in this country.

Mexicans Talk About Crime

Here’s what Mexicans have to say about their country.

Use Common Sense

People living in Mexico say that they use caution and common sense in Mexico just like they did living in the United States, Canada, or elsewhere.

As of this writing, a lot has been going on in the U.S. with BLM burning down cities. How do you think that looks to other countries. Just as the U.S. has travel warnings about other countries, those countries have travel warnings about coming here.

This is an ex-pat couple living in Mexico. I have been following them for three years. Listen to what they say about crime in Mexico:

My Plans

I am not blindly moving to Mexico. I will use caution just like I do in the U.S. I’m also planning to travel with some other adventurous people. No law says you have to stop living when you reach a certain age.

I find that people project their own fears onto others. Keep that in mind when someone wants to stop you from doing what you want to do.

A free spirit, visual artist, writer, animal lover, introvert and independent woman.

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