I’m Starting a Publication Called Testicle Stories

3 min readDec 22, 2022

A Medium publication called Breast Stories, started by a man, is flourishing. It’s not surprising that a man started the publication. Men love breasts—judging from Breast Stories women do too. Most of the writers of that publication are women. They write about their breasts and the breasts of others.

I think it’s only fair that equal time is given to testicles. Men and women, if you know anything about testicles, I’m inviting you to write for my publication. To get you started, I’m offering some writer’s prompts taken from the titles of Breast Stories:

  • The Bridge of Testicles
  • Why is My Only Jock Strap Purple
  • The Testicle Revolution
  • Congratulate Your Testicles
  • Does Testicle Size Matter
  • How To Play With His Testicles
  • What No One Tells You About Living With Large Testicles
  • May I Show You My Testicles
  • You’ve Probably Seen My Testicles On Twitter
  • Why I Love Having Big Testicles

Those 10 prompts should get you started. If you want to read the counterparts on Breasts Stories, take out the word testicles and insert breasts or boobs and you’ll find them.

Since I’m the one to start this publication, I will write the first article:

May I Show You My Testicles


No guys, I really don’t want to see your testicles. My brother and I are very close. We talk about anything with each other. One time he asked me if women had a preference for the way testicles look. He thought that maybe because men like the look of certain breasts women had preferences for testicles. My answer to that is no. One pair of testicles looks pretty much like the next.

However, women do like big dicks. They like the way they look and the way they feel in their hands or inside of them. I know that you guys are always told by your women that size doesn’t matter. I’ve got news for you — it does. We lie to you because we…


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