I’ve Had Covid 19 Three Times

Brendareeves, MEd.
2 min readJan 24, 2023
Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash

In spite of getting all the vaccines, I still got Covid. The first time there were no symptoms. That was about a year ago. The second time was last August, and I had mild symptoms. The third time was two weeks ago. This time I thought it was a generic flu. It started with chills and turned into body aches, fever, and a head cold.

It lasted about four or five days. Once all the symptoms were gone, I noticed I couldn’t taste my food. That sent up a red flag. I tested myself and it came out positive. We’re told that the symptoms won’t be as bad if we are vaccinated. I’m beginning to question whether the Covid vaccines prevent anything.

I’m 73 years old which puts me in the high-risk group. Luckily, I’m very healthy. I’m not a scientist or medical expert so I do what I’m told. I’ve never been an anti-vaxer. Before vaccines, the human life span was much shorter.

However, I distrust the FDA, pharmaceutical companies, and our government. Here’s an exchange between Senator Paul from Kentucky and Dr. Fauci:

“We’ve been asking you, and you refuse to answer whether anybody on the vaccine committees gets royalties from the pharmaceutical companies,” Paul declared. “I asked you last time, and what was your response? ‘We don’t have to tell you.’”

If you are interested, The Center for Public Integrity keeps tabs on our government.



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