Message for All Aspiring Millionaires

We don’t get paid for claps

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I’ve been writing for Medium for only one and a half months. Evidently, I came here shortly after some big changes—one of them being that you don’t get paid for claps. You get paid for the time your readers spend reading your article. In other words, did the person really read it?

My morning routine

I get up in the morning, let the dogs out, make my coffee, let the dogs back in, sit down, and start reading Medium articles. Since I’m new here, I’m naturally enthusiastic about writing and making money. I honestly enjoy reading all the interesting articles. After I’ve read three to five articles, I begin writing. I go back throughout the day and read some more articles.

The first step in getting followers

If you want to get followers, take the time to read articles to the end and comment. When someone reads my article and comments, I always return the favor and follow that person. We get paid by the time someone spent reading our articles. Don’t speed read. If someone comments on your article, thank them.

Six-figure Medium writers

I’ve read the articles by the six-figure writers. I’ve gotten some valuable information from them. I even got sucked into buying one of the programs. Later on, I started discovering the same information in individual articles. Something I’ve noticed is that those writers don’t comment and follow me. I’m sure they’re swamped and don’t have the time to read thousands of articles and comment on them. They’re most likely on automatic pilot.

I think I’ve read enough of the How I Made Six Figures in One Week articles. I’m not saying I didn’t get valuable information from them, but after a while, they’re all the same. Although, I’ll probably continue to read some now and then.

Read Medium’s rules and formatting guide

So, I’ve been here one and a half months. Last night, I discovered that we have a home page that we can add our designing touches to. I’m embarrassed to admit that. You see, I hate to read directions. I’ll buy a product and spend two hours trying to put it together before deciding to read the directions. Then I have to tear it apart and start all over. Like a four-year-old, I want immediate gratification. I probably need to see a therapist.

Write stories with substance

Just this minute, I was going to tell you don’t write articles that are only three minutes long, but I decided to take another look at my three-minute articles before I told you that. Most of my articles are three minutes long. I’m now making money on all of my articles.

Therefore, my advice is to write articles that people want to read. Write articles with substance, and you’ll make money.


  • Read articles comment and follow
  • Read the six-figure writers but beware of the hype
  • Read Medium’s rules and formatting guide
  • Write stories with substance
  • Be gracious and humble. Thank those who comment.

A free spirit, visual artist, writer, animal lover, introvert and independent woman.

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