Princess Diana was Loved Worldwide for One Reason

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John Mathew Smith/Wikimedia creative commons

Like it or not, beauty wins all. It can get you the best job, best date, best spouse, etc. When Diana Spencer made her debut with Prince Charles to announce their engagement, the world stood mesmerized. The day after her introduction, I returned to work at my teaching job to find the staff room all abuzz over the soon to become Princess Diana. She’s adorable! Shrieked the teachers.

We all respond favorably to beauty in men and women without realizing it, especially when it’s a blond and innocent-looking young female. In Diana's case, men responded lustfully, and women responded vicariously to the fairy tale that was about to unfold.

Some people might argue that our obsession with Diana resulted from her charity work and kindness. I argue, take away the beauty and charity work and kindness wouldn’t make a difference. We wouldn’t have given her a second thought.

Take Princess Anne, Charles’ sister, for example. All the royals are duty-bound to do charity work; Anne is no exception. She has never been recognized as a beauty. Throughout the years, the public has barely heard mention of her. Her photograph hasn’t appeared in the tabloids. The paparazzi have never hounded her mercilessly. Younger generations, aside from the British public, probably don’t know who she is.

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Princess Anne 1973/Wikimedia Commons

As we all know now, Princess Diana’s life looked more like a nightmare than a fairy tale. She died young and beautiful, and that’s how she will always be remembered. Movies, documentaries, and books about her still sell. Had Diana lived to see middle-age and old age, her popularity would have faded with her looks. Since she’s frozen in time at the age of 36 as a beautiful, young princess, she’ll be known for generations to come.

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