Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

4 min readMar 24, 2023
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This is a true story that comes from a friend. A Medium article written by Bev Potter reminded me of this. I’ll call the parties involved girls 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Four white girls graduated from high school and went to work at minimum wage jobs while they attended a community college. After working and going to school for a while, three of the girls decided they didn’t like going to school or working. They hatched a plan that guaranteed they wouldn’t have to work:

The plan was that they’d all become pregnant, quit work and go on welfare. The state that they live in has generous welfare programs. To make sure that their plan worked, they decided they had to get pregnant by black men. That’s exactly what three of them did. Girl 1 continued to work and go to school and in no way wanted to participate in their crazy idea.

Girl 2 came from a wealthy family and grandma planned to leave her a lot of money. When the family found out that the father was black they kicked her out and grandma disinherited her.

Girl 2 got preganant. Girl 3 got pregnant and girl 4 got pregnant. All three girls had black baby boys.

Everything was going as planned. The state gave them apartments to live in along with food allowances, clothing allowances, free medical care, etc. One girl found out that they could get free cars and gas allowances, also. They just needed to know how to play the system.

What Could Go Wrong

After two years, girl number 2 decided that she didn’t like being a mother and she didn’t like being the outcast of her family. She told them she would get rid of the kid and go to school if they’d take her back into the fold. They agreed and she called up the county and told them she didn’t want the black baby boy anymore. The county took the kid. Grandma said put her back in the will, but she planned to leave more money to the sister.

Girl number 2 chucked it all off to just being rebellious. Can you imagine your mother giving you away at two years old? That poor baby. What chance is he going to have in life? Granted, she obviously wasn’t much of a mother.

Someday, after Girl 2 is married to a nice white man and has nice white children, the kid she dumped is going to show up…




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