Why a Paid Subscription to Grammarly is Worth the Money

It’s A Small Price to Pay When Writing is Your Business

I am a stickler for good grammar, spelling, and punctuation. My bachelor’s degree is in English, with an emphasis on creative writing. Even so, I’m not perfect, and having my own personal editor is a blessing.

Punctuation Anxiety

I told an English professor that I suffered from punctuation anxiety. He loved it! He thought of teaching a punctuation workshop, and Punctuation Anxiety would be the perfect name for it. That same professor said punctuation is 20 percent style. I did well with the commas, but those semi-colons, colons, dashes, and parenthesis drove me crazy.

Grammarly Might Argue With You

I told a learning disabled student to use a dictionary if he didn’t know how to spell a word. He asked me how he could use a dictionary if he couldn’t spell. I had to laugh because he had a point.

If Grammarly argues with you, go ahead and argue back. Grammarly keeps telling me to put a comma before a coordinating conjunction in a series: I lost my wallet, credit cards, sunglasses and driver’s license. I was always taught that the comma before and in a series wasn’t necessary. Grammarly says that it’s a matter of style, but most style guides require the comma. I think that’s wrong. Where did I put my Strunk and White? Even though I think you might be wrong, Grammarly, I’ll start putting it in so you’ll stop hounding me.

Using Grammarly is like using the GPS in your car. The GPS might be telling you to go one way, but you might know of a better way to go. One time, my GPS told me to go around the block over and over again. If you question what Grammarly is telling you, check with another source.

Paid Subscription vs. Free Subscription

The paid subscription is much better. It follows you all over the Internet like a puppy. If you’re sending an email, writing on Twitter or Facebook, Grammarly is there to correct your English mechanics; not so with the unpaid subscription. The paid subscription helps you with the tone of your article and points out your bad habits. I tend to be too wordy in my writing. I wasn’t even aware of that until Grammarly told me.

If you’re using the unpaid subscription now, make the switch to the paid and, at least, give it a try. For those who have never used it, give it a try. Keep in mind, Grammarly is also tax-deductible.

Grammarly is 99.9 Percent Correct

Grammarly can’t read your mind, and sometimes it doesn’t understand what you mean, but it is 99.9 percent correct. It saves me so much time from stopping and looking up spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I trust it to lead me in the right direction and only occasionally argue with it. It’s well worth my money for sure.

A free spirit, visual artist, writer, animal lover, introvert and independent woman.

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