Writers Using AI, Stop!

2 min readSep 19

You’re only fooling yourself

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Only recently did I discover AI Chat. I’m usually late to catch on to new technology. I decided to find out what it was all about and had it write two articles for me: ChatGPT: The Drawbacks You Need to Know and Second Language Learning: Tips and Strategies for Success.

I had to scroll through my articles to find those two examples. I couldn’t remember the titles, so it was hit-and-miss. When I clicked on the titles, I immediately knew I had found them. I don’t write in that tone of voice, write articles that long, or write academic articles.

I’m a storyteller and write mostly from personal experience. A robot does not have my life experience. My favorite articles to read are the slice-of-life articles. Everyone has a story to tell, and I love reading about other people's lives from all over the world.

The Medium articles that are AI Chat give-aways have a few things in common:

  • Large blocks of paragraphs
  • Academic
  • Statistics
  • Boring
  • Long

I won’t trudge through an article with large blocks of paragraphs. Medium writers must make their articles visually appealing if they want people to read them.

Who wants to read a term paper? Not me. Statistics are a dead giveaway that it’s going to be boring.

If you’re writing for Medium, chances are you want to make money. Unless your article is extremely interesting, Medium readers and writers aren’t going to stick with it to the end if it’s too long.

One of the rules of Medium is that you do not post articles written by AI. If I can spot these articles, I’m sure the powers that be behind the scenes can spot them. I’m wondering what they are going to do about it. Maybe they’ll ignore them. I doubt that such articles are making any money.

I posted ChatGPT: The Drawbacks You Need to Know in June. That was three months ago, and it has made 41 cents.

Second Language Learning: Tips and Strategies for Success has made 62 cents, and it was also published in June.

I did some editing on both of those articles. For one thing, I shortened the length by removing non-essential information. I didn’t want to read through that boring information.

So, if you are using AI to write your articles, stop! Read Medium’s guidelines on formatting your articles.


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