Whenever I write or comment on race or politics, I get called names or accused of being racist, a privileged white woman, and conservative. I think I’ve figured out why people have this perception of me.

My values, beliefs, and opinions are not black and white; no pun intended. I…

What writers want to write

This morning I felt anxious due to a shortage of funds this month. I had some necessary big expenditures in November. Scrolling through Medium looking for something to read, I felt my anxiety spiking through the roof and realized the titles were the reason.

What is it about humans that…

Fred, I donated to your Ko-fi. Are you able to access that money?

If you don’t understand cats, you’re probably a dog person. I’m both a dog and cat person. I’m an animal person in general. I’d own an elephant if I could fit it in my house. I can’t imagine not loving animals. Animals just want to love and be loved in…

I'm writing this in response to another Medium writer's article. The author, Dawn Bevier, wanted to know how to be a free spirit. Although I'm a free spirit, I'm not sure it's something a person can choose for themselves. …


A free spirit, visual artist, writer, animal lover, introvert and independent woman.

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